Mission Partners

We aim to be outward looking, both to the local community and to the worldwide church. We have strong ties with several Missionary organisations. 

Stuart and Laxmi serving Nepali Communities in the UK

Stuart and Laxmi’s latest news

Where we are planning to work

To start with we shall be focusing on the Nepali Christian communities who have made Swindon, Oxford, and Reading their homes. We have also made connections with the few Nepali Christians living in the Black Country.

The initial needs of the Nepali churches

Laxmi and I have now made various visits to Swindon and Oxford and now more recently Reading as these were suggested as churches needing our support.

We have had in-depth conversations with the various church leaders and their families and have realized that the focus will initially be the same for all three churches.

In the UK all the Nepali church leaders are volunteers, having full-time employment during the week. This means they are struggling with:

  • The time to develop administration and communication systems to enable the efficient running of the church.
  • Identifying those in their congregation who have specific gifts to bring to the church to enable it to grow.
  • The time to focus on outreach and getting involved with the local community.
  • The chance to develop fellowship groups, particularly for the ladies, with the potential of introducing craft as a means for them to support those at risk in Nepal.
  • Provide pastoral support, particular for the women.

What we can do

We can support the issues we have identified above, and the churches are keen for us to do that.

Prayer points

  • That we are wise and supportive of the people we are working with, and in particular work at a speed which is of their choosing.
  • We are keen to base ourselves close to these communities, but at the moment lack the funds to enable us to do so. Please pray that this can be resolved.

We are very grateful for your prayers and support.

Thank you so much! 

Anglican Church in Malawi

St. Andrew’s School has been linked with Chilidi School in Lake diocese Malawi. We were represented at the official twinning ceremony in Malawi and they sent a video back to St. Andrew’s. We are hoping this will evolve and both schools will benefit from the link. The head Mr. Bornwell Lambulira welcomes the link.

Rosemary and Maggie worked in another school decorating 3 classrooms and a staffroom. They saw the enormous need for desks and exercise books. Come and hear about their trip on November 5th at the 9:30 morning service. There will be an opportunity to sponsor a football, a desk or a set of exercise books or purchase Malawian products after the service.

The Birmingham container has arrived in Malawi. Hope to have photos soon of items being distributed.

The need in Malawi continues to be great. If there is any way you can help us support Malawi do contact us.


An indigenous mission and development organisation in western Kenya. We established links through former curate Rev Sheri Gidney. A number of our members have visited and continue to support and raise funds for it.

The Walker family in South Africa

We are also linked with the Walker family in South Africa. Alex works with Reach Beyond, involved in Christian broadcasting partnerships with local believers and churches in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Birmingham City Mission


Birmingham City Mission (BCM) is a Christian charity that exists to share God’s love across Britain’s second city. They run projects bringing practical help and hope to the young and old, the homeless, and people struggling to make ends meet.

Living on the edge of Birmingham we support the work of BCM, both financially and with our time and gifts. Several church members volunteer at BCM, helping in their Resource Centre which provides furniture, household goods and food to people in need. The church holds an annual toy collection at Christmas to help enable BCM give Christmas presents to thousands of children across Birmingham. We also donate a lot of the food collected at Harvest Time to the foodbank at BCM.

Renewable World


Renewable World specialise in developing and deploying effective ways of bringing off-grid renewable energy solutions to the most remote and underserved communities, empowering them to achieve sustainable and resilient lives. 87% of the nearly 840 million people without grid energy supply live in rural areas. Achieving universal access to safe, clean energy will require innovative and collaborative solutions.

Renewable World say that “It is not enough to rely on traditional energy service providers to reach those most in need – we must creatively mix both on-grid and off-grid solutions.” Since 2008, they have reached over 109,000 people with renewable energy technologies and services.

We support Renewable World to create brighter futures in Nepal and Kenya.

More locally, we support financially and practically the work of Friends International among overseas students in Birmingham universities, and also the Children’s Society.

We take part in the annual Shoe Box appeal, a great feat of organisation and effort. Many members buy or make gifts for needy children in Eastern Europe and Africa.  


Here’s  a round up of shoebox news.


2023 shoebox campaign turned out to be much better than anyone expected with over 64,000 shoeboxes collected around the UK and sent out to Eastern Europe.

Boxes were sent to Romania, Ukraine, Bosnia, Moldova and Georgia.

2 groups of volunteers headed out to help distribute boxes. One group went to Bosnia and the other to Romania.

On Super Shoe Box Saturday the small team filled 306 boxes. 120 boxes came from individuals, groups and other local churches. 78 boxes came from St. Andrew’s First School making a grand total of 504 boxes. Thank you to everyone who helped.

We continue to collect items all through the year