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Children’s Activity Groups
Lego Club
Children’s Activity Groups
Children’s Activity Groups

Faith at Home Activity Resources: Bags of fun!

Faith is not just for Sundays! We love to encourage children and families by providing resources to explore and grow in faith in their own home environment..

At key times of the year we have begun delivering ‘Bags of Fun’ to children and families. They provide an opportunity to encounter God and generate expressions of faith in a variety of ways in the home. Each bag contains an engaging mix of stories, creative prayer activities, games, baking, experiments and outdoor fun and the like, for their age group.

If you would like to receive one, do contact us at or and say what age-group resource bag you’d like. You might find yourself having quite a bit of fun too!

Lego Club 5-8s

Create awesome Bible scenes in Lego!

Lego Club is held in the Lounge at the Parish Centre for First School aged children.  It runs fortnightly at 3:30 – 4:45 on Wednesday afternoons in term time. A small donation of 50p covers light refreshments and hall hire costs.

Each week there is an exciting bible scene or theme to build in Lego with friends in small groups.

During the afternoon, children and adults love the space we give for describing and affirming what each model represents about the story.

If you would like your child to be a part of this do contact us at or

 Do you also love Lego? We are always looking for Volunteers to assist with running the group. Parents or older teenagers are welcome to ask about becoming one of the regular team where we all join in with model making together and create an engaging environment for the children.

Quest 8 – 13s

Quest is a fortnightly club for 8-13 year olds on Tuesday evenings 5:30 – 6:30 in the Parish Centre Lounge. We have a lot of fun together doing a whole range of things that appeal to the make-up of the group like:

  • Playing games                                              – Loving our Communities 
  • Making/Constructing things                     – Exploring our personality
  • Exploring a Bible theme                            – Socialising + making friends
  • Dancing and Singing                                   – Filming
  • Quizzes                                                         – Cooking together

Further details: or

Our young people are a big part of the life of the church, and are particularly welcome in the 9.30am service in St Andrew’s where we don’t mind a bit of noise! There are book bags, flags and instruments, and activity tables for younger children.  Children share in the opening twenty minutes or so of worship in Church before going to their own age-specific groups for 3 year-olds to teenagers, except for the second Sunday of the month when we stay together for All-Age Worship.  There is a supervised crèche for under 3s every Sunday. Feel free to use it at any point in the service if little ones get restless.

We have a comprehensive Child Protection Policy in place, and all leaders and volunteers are DBS checked.

Children’s Activity Groups
Lego Club
Children’s Activity Groups
Children’s Activity Groups